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I graduated in Psychology (clinical field) in 1996, completed a master’s degree in Psychopathology and Clinical Psychology in 2000, a Ph.D. in Social and Organizational in 2006, and the Habilitation (2020) also in the scientific field of Psychology. Currently, I have a tenure-track Faculty position at Iscte-University Institute of Lisbon in which I teach and conduct research at the Center of Research and Social Intervention (CIS-IUL). 

As a psychologist, I am also certified by the Ordem dos Psicólogos Portuguesa (OPP) as a Specialist in two of the three core areas of Psychology: "Clinical and Health Psychology" and "Work, Social and Organizational Psychology" (also with a European Certificate in Psychology by EuroPsy),  and in the advanced specialty “Neuropsychology”.


My main research area has been the study of socio-affective and cognitive processes, which often include a multi-method approach, by assessing subjective, behavioral, and physiological human responses within a social context. I am interested in studying the psychological process and its implications for social, health, and educational areas, with many research projects involving an interdisciplinary team of researchers. 

More details about my academic activity are displayed in the other sections.  


I really enjoy living (besides working...), music is an obsession, and taking photos is a highly enjoyable activity. So, in the "PERSONAL INTERESTS" section, I just share some amateur photos.

I have other interests though, but... it's too personal ... 

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