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Research Center & Groups


I participate in the Research Group Behaviour, Emotion and Cognition (BEC), one of the four groups of the Research Centre for Social Research and Intervention (CIS-IUL) 

BEC - Behaviour, Emotion & Cognition

Colleagues / Integrated Researchers from CIS-IUL with whom I have published, collaborated in research projects and/or supervised thesis/dissertations:

--> In the "Behaviour, Emotion and Cognition" group: César Lima, Elisabeth Collins

--> in the "Community, Education, and Development" group: Cecília Aguiar, Lígia Monteiro, Joana Alexandre, Susana Fonseca

--> in the "Health For All" group: Luísa Lima, Carla Moleiro

--> in the "PsyChange: Psychology of societal change" Group: Ana Guinote, Beate Seibt, Thomas Shubert

Associate Laboratory @ Iscte


The Sociodigital Lab for Public Policy is an alliance between CIS-Iscte, CIES-Iscte, BRU-Iscte, CEI-Iscte, Dinâmia’CET-Iscte, and ISTAR-Iscte. It combines research in social sciences and digital technologies, within the scope of public policies, with the aim of providing integrated solutions for the transference of knowledge to society, organizations, companies, and public administration.

Colleagues / Integrated Researchers from Iscte-Iul (outside CIS-IUL) with whom I have published, and/ or collaborated in research projects:

--> Octavian Postolache, Henrique Duarte, Luís Nunes


The Iscte-Health is an interdisciplinary space of health research, where researchers from different disciplinary areas meet to discuss explores the research links between various areas that are related to health. It is framed within a Societal Health approach that emphasizes citizens' perspectives on health and disease.

Iscte-Health presentation (in Portuguese)

In this Initiative, I am responsible to coordinate the Group


MISSION: Respond to health challenges posed by the society, adopting preventive and health-promoting approaches, through its focus on the arts (e.g. performative, visual/design/architecture, literature, digital/electronic, cultural events). A space for the fusion of ideas, articulation of areas and frames of reference, for the co-creation of training initiatives, research, and grounded intervention, about the role and impact of the arts in health, through multidisciplinary teams and targeting different audiences in the community to inform public health policies.

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