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Meta-Science: Cross-Cultural & Reproducibility in Psychology

Meta-scientific research involving collaborations across various countries often addressing reproducibility, open practices and cross-cultural research.

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In this section I present some of the projects and outcomes resulting from collaborative studies involving students and international colleagues from different countries.


In the past few years, I have been engaged in meta-scientific research. Working alongside experts from various countries, and in different network of researchers, I have been involved in several collaborative projects. These projects emphasize the importance of the reproducibility of scientific findings, the adoption of open science practices, and integration of cultural variables, to ensure that research is reliable and reflect the diverse world we live in.


Anabela Caetano Santos, Raquel Oliveira, Rafael Ribeiro 



Psychological Science Accelerator


Psi Chi's NICE Crowd Collaborative Projects


To prevent repetition of publications already cited in other projects, this section exclusively features some outcomes of research in this line:

  • Pownall, M., Azevedo, F., (...) Arriaga, P. et al. (2023). Teaching open and reproducible scholarship: a critical review of the evidence base for current pedagogical methods and their outcomes. Royal Society of Open Science, 10, 221255.

  • Kekecs, Z., Palfi, B., Szaszi, B., Arriaga, P., Oliveira, R., … Aczel, B. (2023). Raising the value of research studies in psychological science by increasing the credibility of research reports: The Transparent Psi Project. Royal Society Open Science, 10 (2), 191375.

  • Kovacs, M., Jaquiery, M., Kit-Yeung, S., Arriaga, P., Kouros, C. D., Gokce, A., Grassi, M., Algermissen, J., Gau, R. Aczel, B. (submitted). Lab manuals for efficient and high-quality science in a happy and safe work environment.

  • Hall, B. F., Wagge, J. R., Pfuhl, G., (...) Arriaga, P.,  (..) Lewis, S. Registered Replication Report: A Large Multilab Cross-Cultural Conceptual Replication of Turri, Buckwalter, & Blouw (2015). Advances in Methods and Practices in Psychological Science. "Accept with Minor Revisions". Preprint: 

  • Grossman, I., (…) Arriaga, P. (…) et al. (2023). Insights into accuracy of social scientists' forecasts of societal change. Nature Human Behavior, 7, 484–501.

  • Luong, R., McAuliffe, W., Flake, J (…) Caetano, A., Arriaga, P. (…) et al. (Accepted). Structural Validity Evidence for the Oxford Utilitarianism Scale Across 15 Languages. Psychological Test Adaptation and Development. 

  • Bago, B., Aczel, B., Kekecs, Z., et al. (…) Arriaga, P. (…) Santos, A. C. et al. (2022). Situational factors shape moral judgments in the trolley dilemma in Eastern, Southern, and Western countries in a culturally diverse sample. Nature Human Behaviour, 6(6), 6, 880–895. (Registered Report).

  • Kowal, M. (…) Arriaga, P. (…) Santos, A. (…) et al. (2022). Predictors of enhancing human physical attractiveness: Data from 93 countries. Evolution and Human Behavior.

  • Gloy, K. et al. Revisiting the Neurocognitive Correlates of the Behavioral Inhibition and Activation Systems. 


  • Gloy, K. et al. Revisiting the Neurocognitive Correlates of the Behavioral Inhibition and Activation Systems.

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