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This blog is a space dedicated to disseminating knowledge and providing resources for students and colleagues in academia. It serves as a platform for sharing insights and updates across several key areas, mostly developed by experts and practitioners in their respective fields. It aims to cover the following topics:

1. Science Practices: Shares core methodologies and practices that are foundational to scientific research, and show how scientific knowledge is developed and validated.

2. Methods & Statistics: Focus on the methods and statistical tools for conducting robust research, which are crucial for both interpreting and executing scientific studies.

3. Affective Sciences: Particular news and resources related to this area of research. 

4. Technology and Artificial Intelligence: As a rapidly evolving field, technology and AI impacts academia and research. This section aims to share some developments and explore their implications for research and education.

5. Career Path: News and resources to guide students and researchers embarking on their careers. 


Navigating Science & Technology

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