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Funding Programmes in Portugal

Atualizado: 16 de fev.

Among the various organizations offering funding opportunities (regional, national, European, and international) in Portugal, I am most familiar with the following.

By exploring their links, you will find detailed information:

FCT (Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia | Foundation for Science and Technology)

FCT supports the Portuguese scientific community through various funding initiatives. It can be for for individual scientists, research groups, and R&D centers.

Through these programs research centers in Portugal can advance training, scientific research, and create research infrastructures.

For students check the Studentships section of FCT and the following typology of calls:

Funding opportunities can also be accessed publicly on the following platforms::

EURAXESS is funded by the European Commission and is a European network to support the mobility and career development of researchers both within and outside Europe, offering essential support and resources. On their platform, you can find job opportunities in Portugal (but also in other European countries).

Other relevant websites:


ISCTE-University Institute of Lisbon offers many job opportunities, including scholarships.

Check this link to see the calls for Teaching; Non-Teaching; Research; Merit Scholarships for 3rd cycle; and Skill Development Scholarships.

You can also see this website at ISCTE for research support.

Moreover, ISCTE has a Career Service to support students in the search, formalization, and completion of curricular internships with public and private organizations and companies. It also has the mission of promoting the employability of students, providing them opportunities to acquire skills for the transition to the job market and for managing their respective careers.

Finally, check our Research Center CIS_Iscte (Center for Psychological Research

and Social Intervention), which also provides information about funded research opportunities in our research lines:

Currently, my list is quite concise. However, I plan to expand this information shortly. For now, I encourage you to explore the opportunities available through the links mentioned above.

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