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Researcher assessment policies and practices. The Declaration on Research Assessment (DORA)

The DORA website represents the "Declaration on Research Assessment," an initiative aimed at enhancing the evaluation of researchers and their scholarly outputs. This platform is dedicated to promoting effective, durable approaches to research assessment across a wide range of academic disciplines, on a global scale.

DORA's primary focus is to highlight innovative methods and procedures in research assessment, emphasizing the responsible application of metrics that resonate with fundamental academic principles. This approach fosters transparency in decision-making processes. The initiative contributes to the development of novel policies and practices for recruitment, promotion, and funding decisions. Operating across various scholarly disciplines and around the world, DORA is working in making changes and reforms in research assessment. A key aspect of this endeavor is the commitment to enhancing inclusivity by integrating a diverse range of researchers into the formation of research assessment methods, thereby addressing structural inequalities in academia.

DORA website is a resource hub, featuring a range of information in blogs and presentations focused on research assessment. It also presents a collection of best practices and publishes commentaries to offer further guidance to various stakeholders involved in research.

A notable inclusion on the site is the "ReformSCAPE" documents, published today, which can be found at DORA's ReformSCAPE page. These documents comprise a collection of publicly accessible policies, action plans, assessment documents, and other materials shared by several research institutions across the globe.

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Balanced, broad, responsible: A practical guide for research evaluators

I Strongly recommend reading and following their Innitiative!

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